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We are a European distributor for rf IDEAS Inc's range of proximity desktop card readers for PCs.

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rf IDEAS WAVE ID Readers - Low Frequency

The rf IDEAS WAVE ID readers are for 125 kHz cards.

These are designed to read the serial numbers of proximity cards and tokens (eg key fobs) used by all the major door reader brands, such as HID (Prox and Indala) and GE Security (Casi Rusco).

The serial number is usually passed to the computer as a keyboard wedge, i.e. the input is treated as if it were entered directly using the keyboard. This allows the card to be used not only for opening doors, but also for e.g. logging into computers, or clocking in/out of a Time and Attendance system.

It is also possible to receive the serial number in silent mode. This option is typically used when you need to do something more complicated with the serial number, such as look a value up from a database, or perform some manipulation that is not supported by the configuration program, which is available for use with the readers. In this case, some additional software is required that makes use of the rf IDEAS SDK (Software Development Kit), which you will need to purchase from us. You will either need to develop this software yourself, or we can develop it for you.

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rf IDEAS WAVE ID Readers - High Frequency

The rf IDEAS WAVE ID readers are also for High Frequency 13.56 MHz cards.

They include both readers and writers, which can access/change the data stored on HID iClass, MIFARE®, and LEGIC, cards.

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rf IDEAS WAVE ID Plus Readers-Including the RDR-80581AKU USB desktop version

The WAVE ID Plus Reader is a combined proximity and contactless smart card reader for identification and enrolment from rf IDEAS

The rf IDEAS WAVE ID Plus is a cutting-edge card and badge reader that combines the advantages of proximity and contactless technologies. It is a desktop reader that possesses the capabilities of reading both 125 kHz proximity cards and 13.56 MHz contactless cards.

Overview- WAVE ID Plus

This reader eliminates the need for manual entry and provides error-free identification and security throughout the workplace. The WAVE ID Plus reader allows users to use their building access card or any 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz tags and/or labels for other forms of identification. The plug-n-play reader comes with flash memory, allowing the user to quickly configure the output to meet their needs. As a card and badge enroller or reader, it emulates a keyboard to keystroke the card’s data to the cursor’s location in an application. The reader can be configured to add keystrokes before or after the card’s data. The WAVE ID Plus reader can be used as a standalone system, or can be seamlessly integrated with other software applications using the optional software developer’s kit (SDK). As an integrated reader, it has the ability to work with applications such as; secure printing, PC/LAN logon, single sign-on, card enrollment, visitor management, point of sale, time/attendance, user authorization, seminar, fitness, training attendance, and more.

Supported RF ID Technologies-Partial List

Manufacturer/BrandFrequency WAVE ID® Plus WAVE ID®
AWID125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-698x
Bosch ReadyKey Pro UID125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-6R8x
Cardax125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-6C8x
CASI-RUSCO125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-628x
CDVI125 kHzn/a
CEPAS13.56 MHzRDR-8058x
Corbin Russwin®125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-6C8x
Cotag132 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-6T8x
Deister125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-6D8x
Digitag125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-6E8x
EM 410x125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-6E8x
Farpionte Data® Pyramid125 kHzRDR-8058xn/a
Farpointe Delta13.56MHzRDR-758x
FeliCa (NFC 3)13.56 MHzRDR-8058x
G-Prox II & G-Prox II ID125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-6G8x
HID iCLASS® ID13.56MHzRDR-8058xRDR-708xAxx
HID iCLASS SE® ID13.56 MHzRDR-8058xRDR-708xBxx
HID iCLASS® CSN13.56 MHzRDR-8058xRDR-758x
HID Prox125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-608x
Hitag® 1125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-6H8x
Hitag 2125 kHzRDR-6H8x
Hitag S125 kHzRDR-6H8x
Honeywell Nexwatch125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-6N8x
I-tag CSN13.56 MHzRDR-8058x RDR-758x
IDTECK (128 bits) Alternate125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-6A8x
iCLASS Seos13.56 MHzRDR-8008x
Indala® 26 Bit125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-698x
Infineon my-d13.56 MHzRDR-758x
ISO 14443B CSN13.56 MHzRDR-8058xRDR-8058x
ISONAS125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-668x
Kantech ioProx125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-678x
Keri Systems125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-6K8x
Legic® Advant CSN13.56 MHzRDR-8058xRDR-758x
Legic Prime CSN13.56 MHzRDR-7L8x
MIFARE® Classic CSN13.56 MHzRDR-8058xRDR-758x
MIFARE® DESfire CSN13.56 MHzRDR-8058xRDR-758x
MIFARE® DESfire® EV1 CSN13.56 MHzRDR-8058xRDR-758x
MIFARE® DESfire® EV2 CSN13.56 MHzRDR-8058xRDR-758x
MIFARE® Ultrlight CSN13.56 MHzRDR-8058xRDR-758x
NFC 1 (Topaz)13.56 MHzRDR-8058x
NFC 2 & 4 CSN13.56 MHzRDR-8058xRDR-758x
NEDAP125 kHzRDR-8058x
Oyster13.56 MHzRDR-8058x
Paradox125 kHzn/a
Philips I-Code SLI CSN13.56 MHzRDR-758x
Postech125 kHzRDR-8058x
RF Logics125 kHzRDR-6A8x
Rosslare125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-6E8x
SecuraKey e*tag® CSN13.56 MHzRDR-8058xRDR-6Z8x
SecuraKey Radio Key ®125 kHzRDR-8058xRDR-6Z8x
Sielox/Checkpint13.56 MHzRDR-7J8x
Sony FeliCa13.56 MHzRDR-7F8x
Texas Instruments Tag-it CSN13.56 MHzRDR-8058xRDR-758x
XCeedID13.56 MHzRDR-7Y8x
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