Serial to Ethernet Converter

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The Serial-to-Ethernet Converter is designed to attach to any RF IDeas RS-232 prox/contactless reader or Wiegand converter and provide for attachment to a RJ45 Ethernet connection. The converter comes with software that includes a redirector. This redirector takes the Ethernet address (static or dynamic) and redirects the traffic to a virtual COM port on a Windows PC.

For example, if the converter is attached to a pcProx-232 reader and taking address The user runs the redirector software on their PC and sets the address to address, and chooses an available COM Port (ex COM4). The user's software or the pcProx Configuration application sees this pcProx reader as a standard serial reader at COM 4. No software or other changes are necessary.

Video: The Ethernet 241 USB/Serial

    Available now, the pcProx® Plus SP

    The pcProx Plus SP is an ultra-slim, multi-purpose card reader for identification, authentication and logical access. The small, thin form factor enables various embedded and integrated applications or OEM installations in recessed compartments, as well as external mounting configurations. Additionally, the pcProx Plus SP is compatible with a variety of purpose-built devices such as time clocks, kiosks or protective enclosures.

    Secure Print: Due to its ultra-slim, multi-purpose form factor, the pcProx Plus SP is the reader of choice to secure access to multi-function printers (MFP) and network connected copiers. MFPs are vulnerable to external security attacks but when used with secure print management software, enterprises can easily manage sensitive data and track employee usage. As the front end of a secure print solution, the pcProx Plus SP dual frequency reader is easy to deploy and opens the door to better, more secure print management.

    Installation Alternatives: Its unique physical design makes it suitable for other applications where access control and authentication are required. The reader is suitable to embed or integrate in kiosks, displays, enclosures, monitors, or workstations. Its compact size is suitable for external mount or easily installs in recessed pockets on printers, other business or industrial devices where authentication and access control may be required.

    For further specification details please see our datasheet


Ethernet Converters

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Ethernet 241 USB Converter

Ethernet 241  (E241) USB Converter w/Power Supply


Ethernet 241 (E241) USB Converter w/Power Supply


Ethernet 241  (E241)  USB Converter w/Power Supply, 5yr warranty


Ethernet 241 (E241) USB Converter w/Power Supply, 5yr warranty


Power supplies for Ethernet readers and converters

FRIWO PP3 AKE Power Supply, UK Plug Top, 5V ,0.65A, 3W


FRIWO PP3 AKE Power Supply, UK Plug Top, 5V ,0.65A, 3W


FRIWO PP3 AKE Power Supply, Euro Plug Top, 5V, 0.65A, 3W


FRIWO PP3 AKE Power Supply, Euro Plug Top, 5V, 0.65A, 3W