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WAVE ID Plus Enrol SP reader Black & desktop case (Must be purchased together with 1 MFP installation, KT-SP-xxxx)

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WAVE ID Plus Enrol SP reader Black & desktop case (Must be purchased together with 1 MFP installation, KT-SP-xxxx)



WAVE ID® Plus SP for secure access to MFPs and network-connected copiers.

rf IDEAS WAVE ID Plus SP is an ultra-slim, multi-purpose card reader for identification, authentication and logical access.

The WAVE ID Plus SP reader easily integrates into existing badge systems. It’s the reader of choice to secure access to multi-function printers (MFP) and network-connected copiers.

The WAVE ID Plus SP an important element of an overall print management solution.

Along with print management software, this reader is the critical front-end of a secure printmanagement solution featuring authentication, pull printing, job accounting, and charge back while enabling compliance with print policies, and helping employees make smarter decisions about their printing requirements.

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Dual-Frequency Keystroke Reader.

The rf IDEAS WAVE ID Plus SP is dual-frequency providing the advantages of reading both proximity and contactless smart cards in one reader. The reader allows users to leverage their employee ID badges, or any 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz tags or fobs, for secure authentication and identification throughout the workplace. Versatile and scalable, the WAVE ID Plus SP is a future proof investment with its SIM card slot for optional expansion with additional secure card types. Designed for easy integration, the reader is compatible with nearly every badge type worldwide.

For a full list of supported card types Click Here

rf IDEAS WAVE ID Plus SP is provided standard with four card configurations (two are pre-set; two are user definable) enabling an IT or security department to seamlessly integrate additional card types. With flash memory and supporting nearly all card types, the programmable WAVE ID Plus SP allows users to configure the reader's output to meet their needs quickly. This multi-technology reader delivers the flexibility to any customer, integrator or end-user managing their different card technologies. It's ideal for enrollment into third party software, for single sign-on integrators and others. Badge based reader solutions eliminate the need to manually enter codes, user names and passwords, streamlining workflow and eliminating identification errors.

The WAVE ID Plus SP Features:

  • Easy interface USB models connect directly to a USB port and can be configured to send data as keystroking or non-keystroking.
  • Compatibility Compatible with Windows XP®, 7®, 8.1®, 10®, Linux and Mac OS
  • Card Configurations Provided standard with four user-definable card configurations, with two pre-set configurations.
  • User-adjustable beeper volume Beeper volume can be configured to be off, low volume, medium volume, or high volume for quiet work areas or, conversely, in noisy work environments.
  • Additional 13.56 MHz contactless card types: NFC 1 & 3, iCLASS Seos, ISO 14443B, FeliCa, CEPAS, Oyster
  • Versatile mounting options Embedded, integrated, desktop or external mount versions. The desktop and external mount versions have a standard. 6 foot cable for easy connection and set-up on desk surfaces or mounting on printers, monitors, time clocks, and more. Other cables included are: 2.5′ mini USB male, 5′ mini USB female, and 7′ mini USB male.
  • rf IDEAS products are backward compatible.
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