Bespoke ID Card Projects

An ID card system that is suited to your needs.Windmill can offer Bespoke ID Card Projects

Card systems for you!

Windmill Computing also has considerable experience in developing complete solutions. We can offer a complete package of products and assistance in integrating them together, to create an ID card system that is suited to your needs. We can also offer bespoke software development services, to cope with those situations where the standard solutions can't provide exactly what you need.

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We have plenty of experience developing for Windows using Visual C++/MFC and more recently C#.NET. We have developed websites using ASP/Access and PHP/MySQL/Zend Framework and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques.

We also have plenty experience of programming using the SDKs supplied with ID card printers and reader/writers, and the techniques involved in programming these devices. Below is a list of some projects that we have worked on for clients.

  • National Smart Card Project (NSCP)
  • CX320 Retransfer Printer Card Encoding
  • Time and Attendance System
  • Image Capture for Enrolment System

Details of some of these are given below.

National Smart Card Project (NSCP)

We assisted in writing software to write data to ID cards as part of the National Smart Card Project (NSCP) trial by Kingston and Lambeth councils. The software took data stored in an XML file, converted it into the specified format, and wrote it to the card.

The cards used were 4K MIFARE® cards. Two different readers were used, one for each trial: the CardMan 5121 and the GemTAG X501.

The data was organised using a series of directories, and encoded using the BER-TLV (tag-length-value) format.

The integrity of the data was confirmed by using Cyclic Redundancy Checking (CRC).

CX320 Retransfer Printer Card Encoding

The CX320 retransfer printer can have a card writer built in to combine the printing and programming of cards. We have written software that can control the entire process.

The system works by first transferring the card from the tray to the writer. Then, when the card has been encoded, it is passed on to the printer. Finally, the card is ejected.

The CX320 can support magnetic stripe encoding, contact card encoding, and proximity card encoding, depending on the option built into the printer.

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