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pcProx Enroll HID Prox Black Vertical USB Nano Reader

pcProx Enroll HID Prox Black Vertical USB Nano Reader



RF IDeas pcProx® Nano 13.56 MHz & 125 kHz badge reader.

pcProx Nano badge reader in both 13.56 MHz & 125 kHz technologies provides convenient laptop and tablet access for the mobile worker. RDR-7511AKU and RDR-6011AKU

Part of the highly successful RF IDeas reader family the pcProx Nano incorporates all the features of the desktop and surface mount readers into an ultra-compact USB format.

The pcProx Nano reader is the smallest mobile badge reader available for identification and enrollment of proximity cards. The badge readers revolutionary small size brings significant opportunity and flexibility in terms of solution variety and integration opportunities. Ideal for the mobile worker to do their job while complying with organisational guidelines for authentication, identification and access.

Order pcProx Nano 125kHz RDR-6011AKU reader here and the 13.56 MHz RDR-7511AKU here or more reader options below.

Ideal for:

IT staff, security department, managers, supervisors, purchasing agents, mobile workers, laptop/tablet users. Applicable in all industries.

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Features and Benefits: The pcProx Nano 13.56 MHz & 125 kHz badge reader.

These include :

  • Feature: Reader is configured in a vertical position to the USB.
  • Benefit: A vertical orientation of the reader positions it snugly to the side of a laptop or a tablet with a USB port. The need for connector cables is eliminated, freeing up desk space.
  • Feature: The reader is less than one inch in height and length.
  • Benefit: This compact size barely extends from the USB port unlike other dongle style readers meaning breakage is nearly impossible.
  • Feature: Compact size minimizes or eliminates breakage.
  • Benefit: With little to no breakage, there is no need to carry stock of additional readers or to purchase replacements saving costs.
  • Feature: Simple mounting into the USB port of a laptop or tablet.
  • Benefit: A reader that provides mobility unleashes the user from a stationary computer, allowing the employee to easily go to where their work is while maintaining security and ease of access.
  • Feature: The pcProx Nano reader expands the RF IDeas portfolio of product offerings.
  • Benefit: The mobile badge reader format now gives solution providers and end users the flexibility of choosing the style of reader that fits their unique needs and environment.
  • Feature: Backward Compatible.
  • Benefit: Easily integrates into existing 125 kHz proximity badge systems. The reader utilizes the existing configuration utility eliminating the need to create new applications. For partner applications that support pcProx readers, the pcProx Nano readers are easily integrated which means no additional modification or training is required.

Video: pcProx Nano ultra compact Reader

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