Heidi CP55 Card Printer. HEIDI CP55-S and HEIDI CP55-D

The Heidi CP55 Card Printer delivers excellent direct-to-card printing quality at a competitive cost per card.

The Heidi CP55 Card Printer offers an all in one printing solution with upgradable options, ribbons and software.

Available as Single-sided the CP55-S or Dual Sided with a flip over unit the CP55-D.

Heidi CP55-S. Single Side Card Printer

Top-of-the-line in its class, the single-sided CP55-S is a direct-to-card printer built to deliver outstanding results at a lower cost-per-card for a wide range of card-issuance applications.

Heidi CP55-D. Dual Side Card Printer

The modern dual-side card printer Heidi CP55-D was built to effectively fulfill client requirements for a high-performance and easy-to-use card printer.

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Key features and benefits of the Heidi Card Printer:

High Quality

  • The CP55 is a high-quality printer with 300x300 dpi, edge-to-edge printing on various types of cards and thickness
  • Wide range of ribbons. Its all-in-one ribbon cassette and cleaning roller simplifies ribbon loading and cleaning processes.


  • This highly adaptable, easy-to-deploy solution is designed to serve many sectors within a multitude of user environments and card-issuance operations, from simple student IDs to complex access control and loyalty program cards.

User Friendly

  • Easy-to-use and maintain; simply plug and print.
  • LED indicators, buttons and instant system status LCD display are easily operated.


  • Seamlessly upgrade the basic CP55 single-side printer to a dual-side with a flipping unit, as well as magnetic-stripe, contact and contactless encoders.

Smart Design

  • Compact size with a unique design, ideal for limited workspaces.

Trusted Security

  • Contact, contactless, and MS encoding for high-standard digital security compliance with EMV.

Advanced Personalisation

  • Provides multiple options for protection against card tampering fraud attempts by adding a covert layer of security using an ultra-violet (UV) ribbon along with smart card encoding.

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