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NiSCA PR-C201 Colour Re-transfer Card Printer,  Dual Sided, USB & Ethernet (PR-C201000)

NiSCA PR-C201 Colour Re-transfer Card Printer, Dual Sided, USB & Ethernet (PR-C201000)

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The NiSCA PR-C201 Retransfer Card Printer and Ink Ribbons

The NiSCA PR-C201 is a retransfer ID card printer offering 600dpi print quality. Encoding options available

It can print 145 cards/hour (single-side, full-color), which is among the highest in the industry.

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The NiSCA PR-C201 Retransfer Card Printer is made with the best technology and expertise of NiSCA, allows for higher-grade, high-speed, clear printing of both letters and images.


Clear printing of letters and photos with 600 dpi.

As a Retransfer Card Printer.

    The PR-C201 uses the retransfer printing method, where printed images on the film are transferred onto the card. This method enables the machine to print not only on cards made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) but also on cards of various other materials.PR-C201 can print on the following types of cards:(Please print in advance to check the printability.)
  • Cards made of PVC, PET-G, PET, etc.
  • Cards with uneven surfaces such as IC cards
  • Cards with thickness of 0.25 mm to 1.0 mm
  • General-purpose IC Cards such as FeliCa or MIFARE® cards (Special encoder (not included in this product set) is required.)

Continuous Feeding of 250 cards:

    PR-C201 comes with a card feeding cassette that can store up to 250 cards, eliminating the need for frequent refilling. The card exit stacker can also store up to 250 cards.


  • Environment: Compliant with RoHS and Green Purchasing Law.
  • Network Compatibility: Compatible with Ethernet.
  • Standard Driver: Supplied with Windows Standard Driver.
  • Interface: Equipped with USB2.0, and Ethernet (100Base-TXe)
  • Built-in encoders: An optional magnetic encoder, contactless IC encoder, and contact IC encoder can be built into the printer together.
  • Advanced Security: Data is encrypted in the case of printing via a network (Ethernet). IPsec Protocol prevents unauthorized access. The card feeding cassette and the card exit stacker are stored while attached to the printer. A security wire lock can be attached. An option key lock prevents theft of cards and ribbons.
  • Easy Operation: The newly designed card feeding cassette (capacity of 250 cards) and the ribbon (500 images) reduce the frequency of refilling. Cards can be refilled during printing. The cassette system enables easy replacement of ribbons. The adjustment dial of the card cassette allows for one-touch adjustment of card thickness. The simple card track allows for easy cleaning.

C201 Card Printer Internal

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C201 NiSCA Card Printer