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Universal Wiegand wedge with USB cable, and programming instructions - Overall dimension 4.5″ x 2.75″ x 1.25″ (approx)

Universal Wiegand wedge with USB cable, and programming instructions - Overall dimension 4.5″ x 2.75″ x 1.25″ (approx)



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Cypress Wireless, Fibre Optic, Ethernet and Communication solutions. Including OSM-1000 OSDP to Wiegand, CVX-OPTW Converters and HHR Handheld Mobile Readers.

Access Control Solutions: FOR THE INTEGRATOR'S TOOLBOX

Cypress Integration Solutions is a recognised leader in the design and manufacture of electronic security products and technologies. As part of its extensive ID card systems portfolio, Windmill Computing supplies Cypress products to customers in the UK, across Europe and Worldwide.

Cypress are deeply committed to OSDP and Windmill are stockist of the OSM-1000, OSDP to Wiegand Converter. The OSM-1000 is available to buy now.

Overview: OSMIUM™ OSDP-Wiegand Converter

  • Convert legacy Wiegand readers to SIA’s OSDP™ 2-wire protocol
  • Integrate legacy Wiegand panels with OSDP readers
  • Supports up to 256-bit Wiegand with GPIO including LED, lock, REX and door status
  • OSDP Secure Channel AES-128 encryption halts Wiegand hacks

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OSDP specifically applies to peripheral devices (PDs) such as card readers and other devices at secured access doors/gates and their control panels (CPs).

With OSDP, all the functions which used to require 12 or more physical wires between the door location and the access control panel (including wires for the card reader, door strike, alarm contact, and Request to Exit functions) can be fully implemented using just 2 wires.

The OSDP specification is recommended when TCP/IP, USB, or other common protocols do not lend themselves to the application. A primary advantage of OSDP is the low cost of implementation in an embedded device.

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This product range of technologies include wireless, fiber optic, Ethernet, Wiegand and OSDP solutions.

OSMIUM™ OSDP-Wiegand Converter: OSM-1000 is available to buy now.