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WAVE ID Solo Keystroke HID Prox Black 5v PS/2 RS-232 Reader

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WAVE ID Solo Keystroke HID Prox Black 5v PS/2 RS-232 Reader



WAVE ID (125kHz) HID Global compatible readers

rf IDEAS HID Prox PC Desktop and OEM Reader-RDR-6081AKU-Options available

WAVE ID proximity card readers

The family of WAVE ID proximity card readers eliminates the need for manual entry providing error-free identification. WAVE ID is compatible with over 300 million physical access proximity cards. This reader allows users to use their building access card for other forms of identification and security throughout their workplace. The plug-n-play reader comes with flash memory, allowing the user to quickly configure the output to meet the user's needs.

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It can be used as a standalone system, or be seamlessly integrated with other software applications using the optional SDK (software developer's kit). As an integrated reader you will find applications such as PC/LAN logon, single sign-on, card enrolment, visitor management, vending, point of sale, time/attendance, user authorization, seminar, fitness or training attendance, magnetic card emulation, and more.

Readers contain contain technology licensed by HID Global.


Video: WAVE ID ExpressCard

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