Charging dock (only) for  HHR series Wireless Handheld Readers - Colour Gray (requires HHR-RCHL-LIPO power charger).

Charging dock (only) for HHR series Wireless Handheld Readers - Colour Gray (requires HHR-RCHL-LIPO power charger).



Cypress Handheld Mobile Reader (HHR) - Cypress Integration Solutions.

AACTivate Mobile Handheld Reader with new wireless Agile Access Control Technology (AACT)-WMR-3000, HHR-3156-GY.

Cypress Intergration Solutions are a recognised leader in the design and manufacture of electronic security products and technologies. As part of its extensive ID card systems portfolio, Windmill Computing supplies Cypress products to customers in the UK, across Europe and Worldwide.

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HHR Mobile Handheld Reader. Overview:

Handheld data collection devices have existed for years in many industries. The AACTivate mobile reader is unique in that it maintains a dedicated, live connection to the access control or security database at all times. Since credential data is not stored on the handheld reader, it allows instant verification of current credentials.

The mobile capabilities of the AACTivate handheld reader allow access control in spaces where it is otherwise difficult to check identification, such as at construction sites, or aboard buses.

With the demand for physical security increasing worldwide, the AACTivate mobile reader provides an additional layer of security, enabling random spot checks in places fixed readers may not reach, either indoors or outside.

The handheld unit’s relay controls can additionally be programmed to empower security officers, allowing relay discretion in ingress/egress applications, as well as possible duress notification.

Please Note:

The WMR-3000 Series has been superseded by the HHR-3XXX Series. Other Cypress products such as the following: WMR-3161,WMR-RCHB, WMR-PRC1,WMR-PRC2, WMR-HOLB,WMR-7000 series etc will now have Part Number beginning HHR.For more information on mobile readers and the Cypress product range, get in touch with us via our contact page.

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