Genuine TrueColours Ink Ribbon Cartridges for the
Javelin J210i, J205, Zebra (Eltron) P210i and P205

We only supply genuine TrueColours™ ink ribbon cartridges certified by the Javelin card printer manufacturer for use in their plastic card printers.

We offer many ribbons from stock making them available on a next working day delivery service. Simply order your Javelin ribbons below.

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GlidePath™ Technology

All TrueColours card printer ribbons feature GlidePath™ back-coating, a technology that cleans delicate print heads, eliminating dust particles that cause streaking while allowing the ribbon to pass smoothly over the print heads, ensuring minimum wear and extending printhead life. Each TrueColours ribbon comes spooled on its own patented core, attached to its own take-up core to ensure proper installation. The core is designed to prevent improper installation, making it simple and user friendly.

TrueColours printer ribbons are packaged in sealed pouches to prevent static-cling dust contamination. For added protection every ribbon comes in its own individual box for extended shelf life.

This printer is now obsolete and the ribbon cartridges have been discontinued. We have limited stock of these ribbon cartridges  

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Javelin J200i Series Ribbons

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J210i only resin black 500 cards/cartridge - DISCONTINUED - limited stock!


J210i only resin black 500 cards/cartridge - DISCONTINUED - limited stock!


Spare Print Head

Print head for J210i


Print head for J210i

Our Price: £213.75
List Price: £390.00